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Reflecting on Onboarding for humans, not machines

“I felt like a total stranger in the office. I felt like a machine, yet again.” These are the lines I wrote to describe previous onboarding experiences, experiences that inspired me to do better for my colleagues at Pressbooks. One of the first things I did when I joined the Pressbooks team was to revamp the onboarding process to achieve these goals: Recognize the humanity of a new employee and make everyone feel welcome and cared for Provide a holistic view of the company to foster meaningful collaboration Make Pressbooks an enticing place to work.  I’m proud of the result and so I’m sharing the process with all of you. Read my blog post on the Pressbooks blog to find out more about how we onboard humans.  https://pressbooks.com/2021/07/08/how-to-onboard-humans/

Fighting Scammers One Phone Call at a Time

I am an immigrant who recently became a Canadian citizen. Everything is exciting: Extended rights as a Canadian, one of the best passports of the world, having my dream come true… 10 years and $10,000 after coming to this beautiful, modern, open-hearted, full-of-opportunities country, I am proud to call myself a Canadian. Sadly, all my excitement was shattered a couple of days after I received my brand new Canadian passport, with one single phone call. On April 10, I received a phone call from (604) 666-5946. I picked up the phone, and there was a woman at the end of the line who told me she was calling from Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Vancouver Office. She confirmed my name and told me she was calling because there was a complaint made against me to the Montreal police to the effect that I had lied on my Permanent Residency…

Why I Love Customer Success Management

I stole a book on psychology from my father’s library when I was barely able to read. I didn’t understand the theoretical part, but I loved skipping to the case study sections to read about people’s problems and treatment options. With what symptoms did patients present themselves with? What were they going through? What treatments were proposed? As I grew up, reading about psychotherapy became my thing, whether it was fiction or nonfiction. I thought I would go to medical school and specialise in psychiatry, but the Turkish educational system knew better. The system evaluates your grades and decides which profession you should target- at least at the time that’s how it was. I wasn’t great in science, but excelled in social sciences and math. So my career path was decided despite my preference – I had to study Business Administration! As much as I protested this choice forced upon…