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Written by Basak Buyukcelen

Nazli is a 31-year-old Turkish woman raised in a traditional Muslim environment. When she was 19, her parents suspected she was sexually active, which was absolutely not acceptable. So they took her to a gynecologist to check if she was a virgin.

Her appointment at the doctor was traumatic. A male doctor roughly examined her but there was something more traumatizing for her: the announcement of her virginity to her parents in front of her. She felt she was branded like a cow.

She decided that she didn’t want this stamp of virginity and tried to take away her virginity herself.

After many painful and scary attempts, she one day forced her fingers inside her vagina and pushed them as far as she could until blood came out. This violent act made her feel powerful and she felt she regained control over her body.

She thought getting rid of her virginity would open a door for her and she would become sexually active. However, because she took it away so violently, she thought her first sexual experience should be very soft, romantic and emotional. So she started looking for a prince.

She kept on searching for this non-existing prince for quite a long time. No man was gentle enough and deserved her…

Until one day she meet Jacques, a 35-year-old French man. Jacques is a sweet, romantic, gentle academic who moved to Turkey for his sabbatical for a year. The two meet at a conference and start dating. First few dates go very romantic and slow and Jacques respects Nazli’s boundaries. Nazli feels she finally found the perfect man, and he is the one to have her first experience with.
Nazli invites him over for dinner and they make love. It is exactly as Nazli imagined all these years: slow, romantic, pleasurable and memorable. Yet she feels she made a big mistake by taking away her virginity so violently and painfully while there was a man out there who would have turned it into a gentle and memorable experience. She starts feeling she should have kept it for
Jacques and the blood would be a gift for this vulnerable man.

On the night of their first sexual experience, Jacques makes a painful admission and tells her he was married to a French painter, Eva, who passed away a year ago. He tells Nazli that she is the first woman he slept with after the death of his wife.

Nazli feels disappointed to learn about an ex-wife and to see Jacques is not yet over her. She feels she’s going to have to compete with a dead wife and is devastated.
She feels more and more curious about this ex-wife and starts researching about Eva.

Eva was a painter who painted extremely intense sexual paintings. Her work started off as basic nude couple portraits and gradually became more and more violent, obscene and bloody throughout her carrier. She died while she was painting her masterpiece, a huge canvas of a couple strangling each other while having intercourse.

Nazli finds Eva’s work and reads about her death on the newspapers. Eva was found naked, strangled to death in her bed. Jacques was a suspect and was tried in front of a court but he was released with no sentence, as it counted as self-defense since Eva was also pulling the belt on his throat.

Nazli is shocked to discover this dark side of Jacques, such a gentle and caring man married to such a violent woman and he was involved in her death.
She becomes obsessed with Jacques and Eva. She starts studying Eva’s paintings piece-by-piece. She feels if she could somehow replace this woman, she will be able to reach out to Jacques and tear down the walls he built around himself.

Slowly and carefully, she starts to recreate the scenes and sexual positions in Eva’s paintings in bed with Jacques. Jacques is surprised about Nazli’s creativity in bed and enjoys it too much to think clearly. Their sex life becomes gradually violent.

Every time he comes over, she recreates another painting. Jacques is not aware of Nazli’s recreation of Eva’s paintings and Nazli’s obsession about Eva.
Nazli, regretful of taking away her virginity herself, believes she is missing the blood she should have saved for Jacques on their first night. She wants to make it up to him and starts to get more and more bloody in bed to reproduce the missing piece she should have saved.

Nazli also feels she was raised with so many boundaries and limits and she should burst the boundaries and overcome all the limits in bed to make it up to herself for all the lost years of no sex. This way she will also be able to reach out to Jacques, a man who enjoys violence in bed. Nazli believes the more violent she gets, the easier it will be to reach Jacques. Their sex life becomes bloodier day by day.

One day Jacques comes over and finds the bedroom surrounded with candles and flowers and two belts lying on the bed. Jacques recognizes Eva’s unfinished painting of the couple strangling each other during intercourse and gets furious about Nazli knowing so much about Eva, her work and the recreation of it.
He feels he is being tricked into a game. He slams the door and leaves.
Nazli goes to the room next to her bedroom and comes out with a camera hidden inside the wall. She starts developing the photos she had secretly taken while she was sleeping with Jacques. The photos are the exact replicas of Eva’s paintings.

Nazli hears Jacques moved back to his homeland. She decides to follow him. She cuts her hair, changes her style and represents herself as Eva. Despite the fact that Eva was blonde and Nazli is a brunette, she starts resembling her.

Nazli opens an exhibition with her photos and Eva’s paintings sitting next to each other. The only piece missing is Eva’s unfinished masterpiece.
Her exhibition creates a big sensation over France and receives a lot of attention from the press as Eva reborn.

Jacques reads about the exhibition and comes to the exhibition in rage. He feels Eva’s reputation is at stake and he is being played with.

When he goes to the exhibition, meets Nazli and sees the paintings and the photographs, to his surprise, he feels like he found his wife again through this woman.

Jacques and Nazli spend the night together. Their sex life becomes exponentially violent. One night when he comes to his apartment and finds his bedroom plainly decorated with two belts. There are no candles and flowers. It is as violent as it gets. Jacques knows what is coming and he wants it. He feels he must have been punished for the death of his wife and this is his chance.
As she puts the belt around her neck and hands it to Jacques, she smiles. To her, she is completing the missing piece and completing her transformation to Eva. Jacques ties the belt around his neck and hands it over to Nazli. He is calm.

They start making love and Jacques slowly tightens the belt around Nazli’s neck. She experiences the longest orgasm of her life and Jacques keeps tightening the belt. The more he tightens, the more she reaches out for her life and starts tightening the belt around Jacques’s neck.

Jacques forces her to tighten the belt around his neck. Nazli slowly tightens it more and more.

Jacques gives his last breath seeing the image of Eva strangling him.