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Fighting Scammers One Phone Call at a Time

I am an immigrant who recently became a Canadian citizen. Everything is exciting: Extended rights as a Canadian, one of the best passports of the world, having my dream come true… 10 years and $10,000 after coming to this beautiful, modern, open-hearted, full-of-opportunities country, I am proud to call myself a Canadian. Sadly, all my excitement was shattered a couple of days after I received my brand new Canadian passport, with one single phone call. On April 10, I received a phone call from (604) 666-5946. I picked up the phone, and there was a woman at the end of the line who told me she was calling from Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Vancouver Office. She confirmed my name and told me she was calling because there was a complaint made against me to the Montreal police to the effect that I had lied on my Permanent Residency…